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A 78 Sq Ft Tiny Apartment? No Way is He Happy.

I’ve always believed in the¬†theory, “different strokes for different folks,” but I’ll be damned to believe that this guy could possibly be happy living in a 78 sq ft apartment. Seriously, is this what its come to? There’s a new trend emerging in “home and garden” media. It seems that we Americans are insanely fascinated with other Americans who live in apartments the size of sardine cans. Oh how we love our extremes. First McMansions for everyone, now let’s trade them in for phonebooths for all!

(said like Johnny Carson) That apartment is so small…

(audience)  HOW SMALL IS IT?

(Johnny C) That apartment is so small he needs to step outside to change his mind.

I dare you not to watch the video below. Seriously….what do you think? I think this guy is so secretly depressed that he could be our next mass-murderer….that is, if he could fit an arsenal of weapons & ammo in his tiny-tiny apartment.

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