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I’ve never been a huge fan of Tony Robbins, but I’m starting to come around. The guy is inspiring and usually delivers some pretty powerful messages. I know my site caters mainly to real estate investors – so this may seem a little off topic. I also know however that most of you are husbands or wives, or in relationships. I came across the link below in a recent Facebook post, and I thought – what the heck, I’ll have a look. Little did I know that I would be absolutely riveted 60-minutes later.

Yes – this is a long video. But if you’ve ever wondered why your life is just OK, why you seem to be in constant strife, why your relationship with your spouse is always on edge, or especially why you seem to endlessly hang-on to “baggage” – than I URGE you to take an hour of your life to sit back and watch this immensely powerful Tony Robbins video.

Click the above picture and you’ll be taken to the site with the video. Remember – its over an hour long.

Holy crap, I just watched this video and yes, because I’m a sentimental fool – I cried (just a little bit though). Can’t help it. I’m getting old and sentimental. What can I say?

Have you fallen? Have you failed? Have you tried to get to the finish line, but quit? Yeah, me too. We’ve all been there. Look, life is not about falling down, its about what you do after you get up. Very few people fall and never get up, but most get up and quit. That is what LOSERS do; they get up and quit.

If I told you all the times I failed in my real estate career I’m sure you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

But – people love me because I’m real. For better or worse, I tell the truth. And, folks – I have FAILED. A lot. I used to be very hard on myself when I failed, but now I simply take each failure truly as a learning experience. History is littered with great, highly successful men and women who have failed, and failed big. Here’s a Google search of very rich people who have declared bankruptcy.

What would this country look like if we all fell, failed and stayed down?

Now watch this video and share it with someone you love!

Well, I’m finally – after all these years – am doing a bootcamp. Many have asked, some have begged and so now that I think I have some killer content – I’m ready to drop it on you. But there’s more…

One night, after guest-speaking at Steve Cavanaugh’s REIA (, me, Steve and Vernon Vaughn were sitting around and chatting, and we came up with a killer idea to do a 2-day no fluff, no hype, no upsell – ALL CONTENT bootcamp. We agreed that if we were going to do an event – if would have to for everyone and it would be affordable. Most important, it would have to REALLY touch and answer the questions that plague success. We also wanted the attendees walking away thinking that they could be experts in at least one very important aspect of real estate investing …. estimating repairs

Did ya get that – affordable, real info and amongst other things – this event will make you a STONE COLD EXPERT at estimating repairs!

So with that, I give you: The REI Success Brainwash

Folks, I’m telling ya right now, this will be THE EVENT of 2011 that you simply can not miss. We only have 43 seats available so don’t delay. If you want to REALLY LEARN from the of the hottest investors in Maryland – AND – you don’t wanna break the bank, you gotta click the link below.

Click here now for all the info:  The REI SUCCESS BRAINWASH!

Are you coming? Tell me below?

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Are you searching for one of the most elusive answers to life’s most perplexing questions? That is, “How can I live a prosperous life?” That is a loaded question indeed, eh? If you’re wondering like most American’s, why you make more money but never seem to have any, why you work hard but never seem to get ahead, and why you strive for simpler – but things just seem to get more hectic… – then listen up! This very important article is for you.

My good friend and most respected mentor; Steve Cook has written one of his most compelling essays yet. If any of the questions above ring true with you, you MUST read, “Prosperity Through Simplicity

After reading the following, written by Steve,

I was a slave and I willingly gave away my life, my future.  I was consumed with thinking of ways to make money in hopes that one day I could make more,

I almost choked on my coffee. What do those words mean to you? If they ring true, I implore you to read the article.

Let me HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS! I really want to hear your comments!


We Buy Ugly Houses. You see the signs everywhere, don’t you?  Wanna learn how to make a lot of money using them? Watch and read as Big Daddy preaches on!

Wanna get the Most Bang for Your Buck from Bandit Signs? Here’s How!

The Message: Keep it short and try to make it personal. Instead of We Buy Houses. Why not, “My Daddy Buys Houses,” “Craig Buys Houses,” “Avoid Foreclosure Today,” “Betty Buys Bungalows” … ok, maybe not the last one. Less is better. You want a quick “We Buy…” message, a phone number – and if you’ve got one, a SUPER EASY domain address. I’m talking like, or By the way, you can also buy toll-free and local vanity numbers. I own 888-YES-FAST. You can search here to buy a cool vanity number.

CRAIG’S MILLION DOLLAR TIP: If you have a phone number on your bandit sign, PICK UP THE PHONE IF IT RINGS! For the life of me, I can’t understand why bandit sign people don’t answer the phone. I know for a fact that the guys who answer the phone are getting the deals! People about ready to lose their houses don’t want to leave a message. If they call a number off a sign, they’re ready to talk now!

The Size: Listen up, Size DOES matter. 12″ x 12″ is too small, and I personally think 18″ x 24″ is just too big. You’re asking for trouble with signs this big. My favorite size is; 12″ x 18″

The Color: The most popular color in my town is yellow with black lettering, but I’m here to tell you that blue letters on a white sign are the most readable from a distance. I’ve used both and I really think the blue & white is best.

The Locations: You milage may vary, but The Flip VIPS love, mall entrances and exits, Wal-Mart & Target parking lots, commuter train stations, top of major interstate exit ramps, major traffic intersections. I live close to Baltimore, MD where at last count we have close to 35,000 vacant houses. I used to post my signs directly on the boarded up houses!

The Life Span: Bandit signs have a pretty short life span. The poor little signs come into this world all full of piss & vinegar only to have their life snubbed-out by some angry landscaper or neighborhood do-gooder. So here s little tip for ya, the higher you place them, the longer they’ll stay up. I actually broke down a few years ago and got myself THE SIGN STAPLER. I loved it so much, I bought another for a friend! The SIGN STAPLER is a very cool invention that will extend the life span of your signs by at least 3-4 times. It’s the coolest damn thing ever – and it will save you a TON OF MONEY!

CRAIG’S MILLION DOLLAR TIP: If you really want to extend the life of your bandit signs, you need to order a SIGN STAPLER! This thing will save you a TON of money and it will get your signs seen!

The Quantity: In a word, MORE is better. Don’t skimp. If you’re gonna be a bandit sign guy or gal – go all the way! Seriously, I would test two or three different “messages” by purchasing 250 each. Over the course of a night or two, you and a friend can easily put out a couple hundred signs. Just when you think you’ve totally overdone it – put out 250 more. Its not uncommon for the best sign guys to place 500-1000 signs.

The Vendor: Here’s a quick Google link. Its been so long since I bought signs, I really can’t recommend one supplier over another – so I say cheapest guy (including shipping) wins.

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In keeping with my promise to let you all ride shotgun with me on my quest to find Private Money Lenders, I thought I’d write a quick update for you. As many of you know, I currently have two private money guys at my disposal, but I’m looking for more. Strangely enough, I’ve never had to go looking for people with extra gobs of money, so this feels a little weird. Let’s talk about why I feel weird.


We are all in the sales business. Never forget that. If you are an entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter what you do, get used to the fact NOW that you are also in the sales business. You could be the greatest dog-crap collector ever, but guess what – without clients who love dog-crap, you’re NOTHING! So, finding clients or people who believe in you; that of course is where you’ll need to tap into your inner sales-person. Now, most people who know me, think that “sales” is just a DNA-level instinct for me. Most people see me as a gregarious, self-confident, and a darn good communicator. And to a large extent, that is all true.

But there is the “self-doubting,” very introverted side of me that most people never see, but those horrible qualities do lurk just under the surface ready to sabotage my success. Fact is, I’m quite comfortable speaking to anyone about what I do, but I’m not comfortable “selling people” or making small-talk. God, do I despise, “small talk.” By the way, if you’re lucky enough to work at your passion (like me) – when talking with others, your love and passion will naturally shine through. That is yet another kick-ass benefit to finding and working at your passion.

But what if you’re truly NOT a sales person. Well, you better change that, but until you do – lemme’ hit you with a super-sweet tip!

If you HATE feeling like you’re selling someone something, the easiest way to NOT feel that way, is to turn the tables and let the other person sell you. Its Sales 101 peeple, and it really works well when you are especially good at what you do, and when your potential target finds you rather than vice versa. Let me stop here and restate that very important tip.

PRIVATE MONEY LENDER TIP: You will be far more successful in getting people to lend you gobs of money when they find you rather than you finding them.

Get that? Let it sink in! And, let me further explain.

I’ve been successfully flipping houses now for 7 years. That alone is remarkable because I’ve proven that I can weather a storm or two. In 2010 when most were fleeing from the market, I had my best year yet! In 2010, I also made a very conscious decision to tell the world about what I do via this blog and my FaceBook Page. That’s sales, right? My blog is like an ongoing sales piece on my progress and my success. Remarkably, a family member and an old buddy from high school found me, got real excited about, and contacted me as a direct result of my sales piece known as Its crazy, but its true.

Now – ask yourself… How hard do you think I had to sell these guys when we actually met in person? The answer….I didn’t “sell” them at all. In fact, I really made them sell me. You see, I didn’t have to prove myself or my ability to find great deals. I didn’t have to wax-on about how I’m a top-notch rehabber. I didn’t have to go on-and-on about how much money I was making, or about my well-oiled rehabbing machine – because it was all there in the blog. All my success (and a few failures) are documented right here in my blog. And they found me (via the blog) – I didn’t find them.

So when we finally got down to meeting in person, getting them onboard was only a matter, speaking in greater detail about the actual numbers of all my deals, and really making understand that their money would be safe with me. This took about 5 minutes. Following that, I used my Sales 101 tactic and turned the tables and interview on them. I asked, what they were looking for in terms of a return on their investment, what they were currently receiving on their money, how they felt about real estate, why real estate, how long they could see themselves in real estate….. My job was to simply listen and know that this was not an interview of me, as much as it was an interview of them.

Stop selling your potential Private Money Lenders. Make them sell you!

Aside: This tactic works best when you can prove a track record of success. But don’t fret my little newbies – you CAN get money from Private Lenders even if you have never done a deal. More on that next.

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And here I give you, the greatest name ever….Armando Montelongo. Rolls right off your tongue like John Smith, right? Anyone who has watched the famed series, Flip This House, knows the rehabbing antics (and massive success) of Armando Montelongo and his helium-voiced wife Veronica.

Where are you going with this one, Craig?

Well, I’ve been plagued lately with a lack of speed from my contractors. I’m a lucky guy in that I truly like my general’s, I really do – but lately, I feel like they’ve been performing slower than usual. So what’s a guy to do? Well, if I was Armando, I would simply roll up in my pimped out Hummer H2, step out in my Farragamo’s – walk up and FIRE THEM! (As an aside, I wear Sketchers and I drive a Sequoia)

Side Note: I was recently interviewed recently for an upcoming season of Flip This House. I didn’t really try so I didn’t make it far into the process, but I discovered that the producers of the show are really looking for drama. My belief: Armando and his wife were essentially whores for the show in that they played up the drama for ratings – and that some of the “situations” were actually pre-planned or scripted.

But handling contractors doesn’t always work like its does in Armando’s world. You’ll go through a ton of assholes and if you’re really lucky, you just might find a couple gems who you genuinely like. I’m takin’ about, guys who you’d invite to dinner with your family. Guys who you’d walk through fire for. I think rehabbers like Montelongo look at contractors as nothing more than, “expendable.” I tend to look at good contractors as business partners who are integral to my success. Now, that doesn’t mean that I would sink if my guys decided to leave me. To the contrary, I would most certainly find a away to stay afloat. That’s what professional, successful rehabbers do.

But let me just say this, right here – right now: As much as I think Montelongo came off as a complete DICK on Flip This House, I REALLY respect Montelongo for what he accomplished in terms of his rehabbing success. If you know his story, he truly came from nothing and earned millions rehabbing houses. And for that, I’ve got to give him serious props.

If you want to know more about Armando, check out his home study courses HERE I am in no way endorsing his products, but rather simply pointing you in the right direction so you can judge them and decide to or not to purchase them for yourself.


You’ve asked for it. Some of you have begged for it – so here it is. Today, I’m proud to announce, “Lunch With the Pro’s.” Many of you have emailed me, asking, “Can I buy you lunch?” or “Hey, I’m dying to get started, I really think I have it in me – but I could just use a boost from a Pro like you….can I just have 30 minutes to an hour of your time?” or “Craig – I know I have a deal, can we talk about it over lunch?”

Fact is – I don’t want you to buy me lunch. If I let everyone who wanted to meet with me buy me lunch – I would never get anything done!

So, on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, I’m going to eat lunch at the Fudruckers in Columbia MD. This location is convenient to both Baltimore and DC so no excuses for not showing up.

Lunch With The Pro’s
2nd Tuesday of every month (next meeting: Feb 8th, 2011)
12:15PM – 1:30PM
6486 Dobbin Road, Columbia, MD 21045
Google Map
(410) 992-0916

Cost: FREE  <—- you buy your own lunch.

During these meetings you can ask me anything on any real estate related topic. The meetings are designed to help newbies and pro’s-alike. Everything will be up for discussion and I’ll do all I can to help motivate you. We can discuss everything from getting started, to deal evaluations, to marketing – etc…

And, as a special added bonus, my good buddy and investing partner; Bob Norton of KISS Flipping Fame will be there as well. Bob recently moved to Baltimore while his new house out west is being built. He’ll be here for the next 6 months.

Hope to see all of you, as we grow, “Lunch With the Pro’s” into something really special. So show up and look for me. I’ll be there.


SUCCESS – what is it? If you can’t answer this question with great clarity, trust me, you’ll never get there.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be doing a series of blog posts on Success. I’m fascinated with Success. Success is profoundly personal. Success is like a dialect within a language in that – my personal definition of Success may not only sound vastly different than yours, but perhaps even like a totally different language to others.

Success is personal and very emotional.

But no matter your definition of it, no matter how you slice it – there is a pathway to Success that can be clearly and logically defined. And believe it or not, we all have Success in us. We can all get there. The first step – the VERY first step – is disclosed in the video below. I’m gonna be perfectly honest here… I have not yet reached what I’ve defined as Success for me. And, up until very recently, I doubted my ability to get there.

Until 2010, Success completely completely illusive to me. Then – I unlocked what was holding me back…


I just watched this video with Vanilla Ice featuring the Vanilla Ice Project. Here’s a few words that I thought I would never say, “Vanilla Ice is truly a Craig Fuhr style rehabber.” It was awesome listening to him and just seeing the absolute passion the guy obviously has for rehabbing houses. Can’t say I was ever a huge fan of his music (its just not my bag, Baby), but I am a HUGE fan of what he’s doing with mansions.

I never understood why he seemed to have such demons over his extremely successful past, but to his credit, it looks like he’s come to grips with being a 90’s pop-icon and now he’s charting a course for FLIPPING SUCCESS – just like your’s truly! I’ve coached a lot of people, but to be clear, I; Craig Fuhr had nothing to do with mentoring Vanilla Ice – but if I did, I would tell him to keep doing precisely what he’s doing!

If you’re intersted in seeing more about what Vanilla Ice is doing with his rehabs, his show The Vanilla Ice Project can be found on the DIY Network

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