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Where the hell are the deals?

Is it me, or has there been a real dearth (look it up, people) of deals lately? Let’s start a discussion. My take, the banks and the Gov are really holding back right now, and for the everlasting life in me, I can not figure out why they would do so.

Why do you think?

I know there are still deals out there, but they’re not falling out of the trees like ripe fruit (you know, the crappy ripe that us investors like so much) like they were just a few months ago.

Here’s a 2-minute video with my take on the current Skitch-uation…

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Webinars – they seem to be all the rage, huh? I’ve never done one, but I’m pretty psyched for this one tomorrow night!

Are thinking about getting into RE investing, or perhaps you’re flipping houses now and you feel like you could be doing so much better. Maybe you think the market is dead and you can’t make money flipping. Maybe, you’re scared – or you have no money.

My dear friend – with all due respect – its time to get off your ass, put down the remote to the TV, and invest in you. This webinar is gonna blow your mind. If the ONLY question answered is “Can I make a TON OF MONEY in this current market,” – wouldn’t that be worth the time you spent on the webinar? If I can prove that to you – shouldn’t you be on this call?

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Seriously, if you’re getting all your news from the nightly news, this Webinar will be an eye-opener for you.

The outpouring of love to my last post was overwhelming! Its clear that you all are stoked about the fact that a simple guy like me from little ole’ Baltimore can actually get a television show on a major-cable network. I hope the Lord blesses you all like He’s blessed me.

I shot a little video-update below to tell you the “next steps,” and to tell you how you can possibly be a part of the show. Pete Gauthier and I will be hosting a free webinar on July 5th: “The State of The Market.” You do not want to miss this call. More details to follow.


So, I’ve been promising a huge announcement – and here it is. Seriously, I giddy with excitement. I almost have to pinch myself because I still think I am in a dream. This was a one-in-a-million shot. I wasn’t even “playing the lottery” – and I WON!!!

Check out this short 4-minute video. My life has changed and guess what – your’s could too! I’m looking for a very select group of people who are ready to take massive action, who are done with average, and who are finally ready to reach their real estate investing dreams. Are you one of one of those select few?

Watch this. If you dig what you hear, then TAKE ACTION and shoot me an email

I used to ask the following question a lot while talking with newbie investors. Before I get to the question however, you should know that I often asked it during a time in which when money seemed to flow like crap through a goose to any investor who could simply fog a mirror.

The Question: If I could give you a 100% iron-clad guarantee that I will personally find you five deals next year that will make you $40,000 each – would you quit your job today?

Inevitably, the newbies would all answer yes. So what does that tell us? The #1 fear of investors a few years ago was DEALS. They all worried; “Can I find enough deals to satisfy my income goals?” And admittedly, I used to also worry about the same thing. Listen up ’cause I’m only gonna say this once! GREAT DEALS ARE FALLING FROM THE SKY! They are everywhere! I can not keep up with all the CRAZY good deals happening all around me. So what’s the bottle-neck in today’s market?

RE INVESTING TIP: Successful investing comes down to 4 CRITICAL variables:

  1. Education – Do you know enough to truly capitalize on an opportunity
  2. Deals – Are they out there? Do you know how to find them? Are there enough deals to sustain you?
  3. Money – Do you have money to take down the deals? Is it easy to obtain? What will it cost you?
  4. Contracting – Ugh – need I say more?

Listen up again –  Education, Deals, and Contracting…that’s the EASY part!!! Any one can master those three critical variables, but in this market if you don’t have money – YOU ARE OUT OF THE GAME, period! There are very few banks who will lend money on a investment deal – and if they do, they are gonna want a LOT of your skin in the game. And, if you can’t prove that you have experience – forget it! You won’t even get a foot in the door of the few banks that ARE lending

That’s the cold facts, people. The cold hard truth of today’s market. I am on a quest for money and I want you to come me.


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I received an email  a week or so from Brett Neely; a reporter with National Public Radio (NPR). That was pretty astonishing given the fact that my  political views align more with Rush Limbaugh than with most every reporter on NPR.  Brett said he was doing a story on the housing market and while researching, he came across my little blog here on Al Gore’s world wide web.

After a few minutes of chat, Brett asked if he could come hang with me for a few hours.  Anyone who knows me, also knows that regardless of your political views, I “LOVES” to show off my pretty houses. I of course obliged Mr. Neely. The result of our time toegther was a news report filed for radio and for NPR’s blog. Pretty cool, stuff. I’m all tingly just thinking about it.

As a newbie (several years ago) I always dreamed of being featured in a story by the Baltimore Sun. Well, I haven’t reached that goal yet, but this is pretty close.

For those of you interested in hearing what some Americans think of us RE investors, you MUST go immediately to the blog link below and read some of the reader comments. I was fascinated to see all the venom aimed at little ole’ me. Heck, I’m just out there everyday trying to make a better life for my wife and for my kids – and the readers of NPR’s blog think I’m some fat cat who lights my cigars with hundred dollar bills, all while stepping on the necks of the tired masses.

You gotta read this:  NPR Blog Link

The link to the audio is here

Folks. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback lately about the blog, about my comments and about all the cool real estate investing stuff I’m doing. Heck – this past week, I even got the most flattering a humbling email I have ever received, from one of my readers who plans to be in my town – and  he just wants to meet me so he can shake my hand. (You know who are you.) I can not begin to tell you just how humble that makes me feel.

Ya’ see – I was but a fresh faced newbie just seven years ago. Like many of you – I was searching for my investing niche. I had a ton of questions and I was reaching out in a million directions to find that mentor who would show me the way. No joke – even if you are just getting started with RE investing, I can not tell you how close you are to where I stand today.
Think about it. How fast has the last seven years of your life gone?

Why do I tell you this? Over the next several months I plan to make myself more “available.” I plan to write more, email more, talk more – and I even plan to partner in deals with a very select few of you. The details at this point are sparse, and quite frankly, I’m just in the “planning” stage. But when they come to fruition, I think you all will be quite impressed.

I’m riding a sick wave of success right now. With 15 rehabs in my pipeline, 7 houses on the market (soon to be 9)
and a seemingly endless supply of crappy houses and money….things are pretty
darn good. I would venture to say that there are not many rehabbers in the country doing as much as I’m doing right now.

Sure we’ve had some pretty nasty spills over the past 8 months, but I’m bursting at the seams to share all I’ve learned so that YOU can benefit from my mistakes as well as my success.

So stay tuned. I promise you will DIG what I’ve got coming.

The Ugly Duckling is Turning Into A Swan

Feel free to leave comments below!

Here’s the second installment of PJ’s mondo-Baltimore City rehab.  At just under a few weeks into the rehab you can see we have the place gutted, and framed.  You’ll also notice that we waterproofed the basement which as I understand, Baltimore City is requiring for all new rehabs whose scope includes a full-finished basement.

REAL ESTATE INVESTING TIP: Beware, if you plan to gut a house and finish the basement in Baltimore City, you may be required to waterproof.  Listen, waterproofing is a plumbing job.  A lot of plumbers don’t like to do it however, because its dirty grunt work.  You have to bust up the concrete slab, and excavate a trench of about 7 inches wide and 12 or so inches deep.  That my friends makes a BIG PILE of mess.  Once that’s complete, the job is pretty simple.  The plumber will drop in a plastic corrugated pipe and you route that to a sump pump.  Cover it all over with some gravel, then fresh cement and viola’ your done.  Seriously, the costs of the material for a job like this is less than $300-bucks.  But the labor is ROUGH!  That’s why we have a $10/hour guy break up the floor and haul the debris.  Then once the plumber is done, we bring the $10 guy back to cover up the plumber’s work.

Check out the video.

At this point we are post-demo, and we’re well into framing.  We’ve pretty much busted out most of the interior walls, added new support beams, and we’ve busted up two bedrooms and made them into one grand master bedroom complete with its own master bath.  We also took away from the over-sized landing at the top of the steps to add space to the otherwise tiny main bath.  We framed in a pantry, a 1/2 bath, and a laundry room on the main level just beyond the kitchen, and we added some nice arched entrances into the living room and dining area.  The kitchen is immense and will have a sit-at breakfast bar for three to four – in addition to an adjacent dining room.  The house is really starting to take on a much more modern and open layout.

Click on the picture below for more pics of our progress.  Enjoy

2901 Violet Ave - Part II