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EPA Says “Oh Hell No!” to Lead Issues

Lead Issues EPAEffective April, 2010, the EPA’s new  Renovation, Repair, and Painting Program (RRP) has landlords, contractors, and homeowners spouting locker room-like obscenities at lead-laden homes built before 1978. Heck, I cussed like a sailor-on-leave the day I got a call from The United States Environmental Protection Agency.

This isn’t just a paint program, uh, uh – its more than that. If you’ve got lead issues in your houses, you best listen up!

Fact: ingested lead paint particles are hazardous to young children. Last Fact: reported elevated blood levels in children decreased by almost 90% in 2007. Really Last Fact: risk for elevated blood levels in 2010 was down to about .5%.


So most are asking “where’s the fire, EPA?” What’s up with this new lead program? There’s a ton of confusion out there. Contractors , landlords, homeowners and yes, even us investors  are wondering, “Must I undergo training and certification programs, per the RRP,  and must I also pay out the ass to adhere to the new law? (It’s at least $6-hunge, people)

Bottom line, rehabbers and landlords who hire contractors should be prepared to bend over and take what’s comin’ to them…..increased costs. And, you better be prepared to be anally probed if someone decides to drop a dime on you by calling in a complaint to the EPA. If that happens, YOU WILL get a call from the EPA, and they WILL investigate.  So get your inner Cal Ripken on and keep those bases covered.

At the end of the day, contractors, landlords, and homeowners need to suck it up. As much as I’m a romantic dreamer, I don’t see the EPA going away anytime soon, and the RRP law, while vague and overreaching, will ultimately help save lives, and you’d have to be pretty obtuse to argue with that.





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