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Flip The House. How to Invest in Real Estate.

I have often said that flipping houses is a roller coaster ride. Its not a job for the faint of heart. Recently I came up with a new analogy. If you want to learn How to Invest in Real Estate, how to, “flip the house,” as I say – you must first understand that flipping is like a shaky, wobbly, 3-legged chair. Its fragile, baby – so be careful how you sit.

Even though it seems every one and there mother is now investing in real estate (let’s face it the barrier to entry is pretty low), there are three critical variables to real estate success. Miss any one of the three and your little wobbly chair will fall over faster than Snookie after a night of partying down at the Jersey Shore.

Real estate investing is a serious business played with serious money. You owe it to yourself to make sure that you stand on solid footing before you venture into a deal. Wanna know how to get it right? Watch this video below.


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