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Foreclosure News. Bloomquist Reports More Coming.

Is clear that more foreclosures are coming. I think I’ve been beating that drum pretty loudly of late. Here’s some interesting foreclosure news: There is one county in my market of Maryland where 75 REO listings hit the market in one week (week of April 22nd). That’s pretty astounding given the fact that in some recent weeks there have not been more than 75 total bank-owned listings.

U.S. Foreclosures Will Increase

A recent report (see the video) below from affirms what we have all believed for a while. Foreclosures will surely increase. Look people, I don’t care what the media is telling you, the economy is NOT getting better. People are still unemployed or under employed, and as such mortgages are simply not getting paid. And now that the robo-signing scandal is largely behind us, and the banks have received their $26-million dollar “how do you do” from Obama and friends, I think the flood gates are about to open!

Are you ready? If not – you better get ready!

We’re coming into a hot season, I can feel it. Those of you who know how to scour the internet for great deals are about to ride a pretty sudsy wave. Those of you who are lacking the knowledge on how to capitalize, are gonna be left in the dust. I’m currently rallying all my private money sources and I’m recruiting more. I’m also marketing and putting the word out to wholesalers. What will you do to get up to speed?

Will you know the REO agents in your area? Will you have a good solid proof of funds letter? Will you know your target markets like the back of your hand – meaning – will you know the comps and the ARV’s? How about buyers? If you’re a wholesaler will you have buyers like me already lined up and salivating for you to find them HOT HOT deals?

Now the’s precise time to start planting those seeds of success. The next wave is coming.

Check out the video below. Then, if you’re not ready, click on the banner to the left and get you some solid education from one of the hottest wholesalers in the county. This girl really knows her stuff!

May Not be a Tidal Wave of Foreclosures

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