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Freaky Friday: Buying Real Estate Like Kim Kardashian

Look, when it comes to big fat butts, no body does it better than Kim Kardashian. Are you kidding me? The chick is talentless, but she gets a few million eyeballs on everything she touches because of her ass? What has this world come to? I have a big ass too, but when it comes to real estate and buying it right, rehabbing it then selling it, at least I have some talent! Thank God, my investing career has thankfully been longer then Kim’s videos or marriages.

You may have recalled my hugely successful blog post a few days ago about all the fools out there buying houses at crazy prices. As those cash rich sheeps set themselves up for the inevitable slaughter, the good Shepard – Mr. Craig G. Fuhr, just set himself up with a sweety-bo-peety of a deal. You gotta stick to your guns people.

See how I did it in the video below.


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