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Hey, Baltimore Landlords – New Law

Well, there doing it again in Baltimore. Thank you; oh ever miopic, ultra-liberal Baltimore politicians. Folks, if you own rental houses in Baltimore, you better read the email I received this morning – and YOU BETTER ACT. C’mon, let’s start our own tea-party. Get active! Attention landlords in Baltimore City – if they pass this lead law in Baltimore County, you can believe it will be coming to the city.

Baltimore is already a terrible city in which to be a landlord, but just when I start to think they can’t get any worse, they’re now looking to make the lead laws in Baltimore even more stringent. Read below:

Our lobbyist Bob Enten has asked our help in defeating Senate Bill 504, scheduled for a hearing on Thursday March 4 at 1:00 p.m. in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee.

This bill would require owners to perform BOTH the 10-step risk reduction standard AND clearance lead dust tests in order to get a Full Risk Reduction Certificate from MDE. This would cost millions of dollars and would not result in the decrease of incidents of lead poisonings. MDE statistics show that over half the poisonings in 2008 occurred in the dwellings other than pre-1950 rental properties. In addition, the statistical trend – in reducing incidents of lead poisoning – has been steadily downward over the 14 years that the law has required us to perform either the 10-steps or lead dust clearance testing. MDE needs to concentrate efforts on enforcement of the existing law, not on making the law more difficult and costly for those who already comply.

There are two important swing votes in the JPR Committee:

1. Senator James Brochin of Baltimore County District 42 (telephone 410-841-3648; email – His District includes Towson, east to Harford Road,


2. Senator Norman Stone of Baltimore County District 6 (telephone 410-841-3587; email – His District includes Dundalk.

This week, we need to send many emails and phone calls to both Sen. Brochin and Sen. Stone from property owners in their respective districts – asking them to vote against Senate Bill 504.

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