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Real Estate Market Recovery?

At times it seems the chances of the real estate market recovering are about as good as Lindsay Lohan staying clean and sober. (Someone has just got to shake that girl.)

Housing In The USA

Here’s the straight-poop; you gotta look at two critical data points: home sales and home prices to determine the dealio in this market. The National Association of Realtors released this sweet graph, which shows that home sales are, in fact, on the up and up.  On the flip side, home prices across the country are still softer then a pre-Viagra pee-pee. Conflicting numbers? Really? We never see that!

So, long story short, the annoying answer regarding market strength is “yes” and “no”. Sales are in fact making a comeback, but we won’t see prices escalate until the market supply issue is resolved. Here’s a tip; don’t go all blue while holding your breath.

Flip This House.

I’m the FLIP THIS HOUSE King in Maryland (at least it feels that way) right now. Our houses are selling faster than Lindsay Lohan can say, “Can I have another bump,” once we get them on the market. Could it be a general lack of listings, or could this be a real recovery? What’s up with resales in your town?






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