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JP Moses and Indiana Jones. Twins?

They’re both masters of their own “ologies”. Ok, so Indi had a kickass whip and Duran Duran felt fedora, but JP will deliver simplified real estate facts, tips, trends, and tasty tidbits with his killa new podcast, REIology, and that’s every bit as badass as Indiana Jones. Beat that Harrison Ford! (In case you live under a flat rock, Indiana Jones was THE man of Archeology).

With JP’s REIology Podcast, you’ll get the inside scoop, interviews with guys in the trenches, and current techniques from real investors for real estate investors pursuing real deals. No bullshiznit, just the facts (ma’am) to help you become more profitable. Tune in to or check it out on iTunes, and get ready to say show me the money dawg!

And finally – I’ll say it once again. I have a HUGE man-crush on you, JP Moses. Come on JP, forget about the Temple of Doom…its me and you in the The Temple of Spoon!







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