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Lunch with The Pros

You’ve asked for it. Some of you have begged for it – so here it is. Today, I’m proud to announce, “Lunch With the Pro’s.” Many of you have emailed me, asking, “Can I buy you lunch?” or “Hey, I’m dying to get started, I really think I have it in me – but I could just use a boost from a Pro like you….can I just have 30 minutes to an hour of your time?” or “Craig – I know I have a deal, can we talk about it over lunch?”

Fact is – I don’t want you to buy me lunch. If I let everyone who wanted to meet with me buy me lunch – I would never get anything done!

So, on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, I’m going to eat lunch at the Fudruckers in Columbia MD. This location is convenient to both Baltimore and DC so no excuses for not showing up.

Lunch With The Pro’s
2nd Tuesday of every month (next meeting: Feb 8th, 2011)
12:15PM – 1:30PM
6486 Dobbin Road, Columbia, MD 21045
Google Map
(410) 992-0916

Cost: FREE  <—- you buy your own lunch.

During these meetings you can ask me anything on any real estate related topic. The meetings are designed to help newbies and pro’s-alike. Everything will be up for discussion and I’ll do all I can to help motivate you. We can discuss everything from getting started, to deal evaluations, to marketing – etc…

And, as a special added bonus, my good buddy and investing partner; Bob Norton of KISS Flipping Fame will be there as well. Bob recently moved to Baltimore while his new house out west is being built. He’ll be here for the next 6 months.

Hope to see all of you, as we grow, “Lunch With the Pro’s” into something really special. So show up and look for me. I’ll be there.


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