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My Insane Rehab – 775 Yale Ave, Part 2

Here we are back again at 775 Yale Ave – 21229.  I wanted to share some video of the project with you.  The size and layout of this house presented several challenges.  In all the deals I have done, I can not remember taking on such a small house.  I once vowed never to do a 2 bedroom house – and who knows, I may live to regret taking on this one – but only time will tell.

Like many rowhouses in Baltimore City, this house is dissected by the stairway.  Talk about stupid, outdated design.  The stairs actually cut this very small house in half.  So basically, you enter in the living room, walk 10 steps, and your greeting a small opening into the kitchen or the stairs leading upstairs to your right.  Its tough to make a house like this feel modern and open.  But, I think we at the very least opened up the kitchen / dining room.  We also made the best use of the small space in the basement

Here’s a short video of what we’re doing in the basement.

Look how small this kitchen is.  We’ll change all that!

Finally, I had a little fun making a video of the new parking area.  Shhh….don’t tell me wife about this one.  She hates when I smoke cigars before noon.

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