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Objects May Have Shifted in Flight

Last week I decided to go out to see my boy Bob Norton in Detroit. He didn’t need my help, but he was doing a bootcamp for some of his students, and some other folks – and I thought, what the heck, why not go have some fun, and hang with Big Bob. We had a blast, but my MacBook Pro did not.

Sorry for not posting lately…

…but my “brain” was severly damaged on the way back from Detroit. “Hey, F’ers in baggage, take it easy when chucking those bags!!”

So I get on this 20 minute flight from Philly to BWI, and the flight attendant says, “Sorry Sir, this plane is way too small to fit your carry-on.” With that, she takes my bag, and I don’t see it until I get off the plane.

The next morning, all bleary eyed from my mad-dash with Bobby, I open up my Mac and the LCD is shattered!  Yeah, that’s $1240.00 bucks people! Nice huh? And did I mention that U.S. Sc’Airways is giving me the cold shoulder?

Anyway, check out this video of me having fun, Commando-Style in Dirtty-troit. This is what Bad-Ass investors do. And if I was a bad-ass investor, I would do it more often. By the way, that is REAL blood in the end.

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