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Property for Profit. Rent vs. Buy

What’s the sweet play right now in real estate investing? Well before I tell you and you go off in search of this next shiny object I’m about to lay on you – I need you to ask yourself; what are you good at, what do you love to do? Then once you’ve done some serious soul searching – and you’ve really figured it all out —- ask yourself, what’s the market giving you? Bloomberg recently posted an article entitled, “How to Play the Home Price/Rent Gap.” The story details how landlords are lining up en-mass to buy property for profit!

Tenants & Toilets is AWESOME!!!

Its no secret that there are plenty of suppressed markets out there in our great country. Another badly kept secret is – you’ve go to be a pretty damn strong buyer to get home loan. And finally – consumer confidence is still shaky at best. I mean, if O’Bama farts the wrong way, consumers are scrambling to put their money back in their mattresses!

Add it all up and what do you get in terms of housing? In a nutshell you get – a big stinky, steamy pile of rental opportunity.

Bloomberg Business reports foreclosure investors can earn well-over 8% returns (in some cases in less than one year), which is pretty damn significant in a time of all-time low interest rates. Florida, Cleveland, and Chicago are among some major foreclosure hot spots, but in general, the sale of foreclosures nationwide could reach over $100 billion, according to CoreLogic. If you’ve got the means, wouldn’t it be something to get a piece of that action?

Look at what your federal govmt and banks are doing to make it easy for investors to purchase rentals. I don’t know weather to jump for entrepreneurial joy or to throw up in my mouth!

Read more at Bloomberg HERE

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