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Sell Your Wholesale Deals to A REAL Investor.

Man, it it a gorgeous spring day in Maryland today. It actually feels like summer. I headed over to house we just flipped on Kipling just to make sure all was still well. It was. The rehab turned out so nice – I just had to shoot a video talking about how the wholesaler made $6500.00 selling us this house.

Even if you don’t have deals, I can tell you where to look. If you do have deals and you need to flip them fast, I can tell you that NO ONE has more cash then me, and NO ONE pays bigger wholesale fees.

Check the video and hit me with some comments, people!

NOTE: In the video I say I paid $6500.00 to the wholesaler. That is incorrect, I paid $65000.00 for another deal. I paid a $2500.00 fee for Kipling. Just keeping it real.

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