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Well, here’s another update on this fast moving house before and after; Rolling Thunder. My little version of Flip This House. In this 2.5 minute episode, I talk about what I think I do better than any other rehabber in the country – “sizzle with the steak.” Ever been to Ruth’s Chris steak house? You know when they bring that $40.00 steak to your table and its still sizzling? Ever wonder why they do that?

I’ll tell you why – BECAUSE IT COSTS $40 FRIGGIN’ DOLLARS! The sizzle is like that added bonus that makes you feel like your getting something really special.

Well, that’s how I do my rehabs. Lots of sizzle. And THAT is why my houses sell for more dollars and in less time than most other houses in the neighborhood.

Check out this video below where I show you what I’m doing with the basement.

I just watched this video with Vanilla Ice featuring the Vanilla Ice Project. Here’s a few words that I thought I would never say, “Vanilla Ice is truly a Craig Fuhr style rehabber.” It was awesome listening to him and just seeing the absolute passion the guy obviously has for rehabbing houses. Can’t say I was ever a huge fan of his music (its just not my bag, Baby), but I am a HUGE fan of what he’s doing with mansions.

I never understood why he seemed to have such demons over his extremely successful past, but to his credit, it looks like he’s come to grips with being a 90’s pop-icon and now he’s charting a course for FLIPPING SUCCESS – just like your’s truly! I’ve coached a lot of people, but to be clear, I; Craig Fuhr had nothing to do with mentoring Vanilla Ice – but if I did, I would tell him to keep doing precisely what he’s doing!

If you’re intersted in seeing more about what Vanilla Ice is doing with his rehabs, his show The Vanilla Ice Project can be found on the DIY Network

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The following can not be considered whining, but rather a HUGE warning to those of you who are doing rehabs, or even to those who aspire to do rehabs. In a word folks, Flippers are hated. As proof, go to this link after reading this story and check out the PURE vitriol being spewed at lil’ ole’ me following a very kind and lighthearted story by NPR featuring your’s truly; Craig Fuhr. Talk about H’atorade!

But I digress.

This week’s Video Flip Tip is all about covering your ass. It’s getting tougher and tougher to sell a house following a flip. With each sale, I feel like I need to bend over and simply wait for the full proctological exam to commence. Its almost routine now that lenders, and even title companies are requesting a litany of information regarding every aspect of the deal. I mean, they’re demanding everything. If you choose not to give them what they want, they’re not doing the deal.

In this week’s video flip tip, I’m laying out EXACTLY what you need to do to protect yourself, and what you need to do to successfully and painlessly make it through the “digital exam.” If you like what you see, please comment below and share via Facebook or Twitter.

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I’m looking to close on the purchase of a bank owned house today. Yes, another REO. As I always do, I walked through the place with my contractor just to get our thoughts together on the new layout, the scope, etc… Everything was going sweet – that is, until we walked down the dark steps to the basement.

Hey banks – are ya listening? Hey asset managers, it’s me; you’re buddy Craig. Here’s a tip for you – its OK to winterize, but its pretty stupid to turn off the electricity, especially when you couple no downspouts, a TON of rain with no electricity to run the sump pump. Needless to say, I immediately called the listing agent and told him I’d have to chop $7500.00 from my offer to compensate me for replacing the furnace, the pumping of the water, and the intense pain and suffering. Over the top? Maybe.

Here’s Lake Mary. I’ve seen water in basements, but NEVER this much!

Grab you’re Speedos and check out the pics!