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And here I give you, the greatest name ever….Armando Montelongo. Rolls right off your tongue like John Smith, right? Anyone who has watched the famed series, Flip This House, knows the rehabbing antics (and massive success) of Armando Montelongo and his helium-voiced wife Veronica.

Where are you going with this one, Craig?

Well, I’ve been plagued lately with a lack of speed from my contractors. I’m a lucky guy in that I truly like my general’s, I really do – but lately, I feel like they’ve been performing slower than usual. So what’s a guy to do? Well, if I was Armando, I would simply roll up in my pimped out Hummer H2, step out in my Farragamo’s – walk up and FIRE THEM! (As an aside, I wear Sketchers and I drive a Sequoia)

Side Note: I was recently interviewed recently for an upcoming season of Flip This House. I didn’t really try so I didn’t make it far into the process, but I discovered that the producers of the show are really looking for drama. My belief: Armando and his wife were essentially whores for the show in that they played up the drama for ratings – and that some of the “situations” were actually pre-planned or scripted.

But handling contractors doesn’t always work like its does in Armando’s world. You’ll go through a ton of assholes and if you’re really lucky, you just might find a couple gems who you genuinely like. I’m takin’ about, guys who you’d invite to dinner with your family. Guys who you’d walk through fire for. I think rehabbers like Montelongo look at contractors as nothing more than, “expendable.” I tend to look at good contractors as business partners who are integral to my success. Now, that doesn’t mean that I would sink if my guys decided to leave me. To the contrary, I would most certainly find a away to stay afloat. That’s what professional, successful rehabbers do.

But let me just say this, right here – right now: As much as I think Montelongo came off as a complete DICK on Flip This House, I REALLY respect Montelongo for what he accomplished in terms of his rehabbing success. If you know his story, he truly came from nothing and earned millions rehabbing houses. And for that, I’ve got to give him serious props.

If you want to know more about Armando, check out his home study courses HERE I am in no way endorsing his products, but rather simply pointing you in the right direction so you can judge them and decide to or not to purchase them for yourself.


SUCCESS – what is it? If you can’t answer this question with great clarity, trust me, you’ll never get there.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be doing a series of blog posts on Success. I’m fascinated with Success. Success is profoundly personal. Success is like a dialect within a language in that – my personal definition of Success may not only sound vastly different than yours, but perhaps even like a totally different language to others.

Success is personal and very emotional.

But no matter your definition of it, no matter how you slice it – there is a pathway to Success that can be clearly and logically defined. And believe it or not, we all have Success in us. We can all get there. The first step – the VERY first step – is disclosed in the video below. I’m gonna be perfectly honest here… I have not yet reached what I’ve defined as Success for me. And, up until very recently, I doubted my ability to get there.

Until 2010, Success completely completely illusive to me. Then – I unlocked what was holding me back…