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I have to laugh sometimes about this business. For the last eight years, its been a roller coaster of feast or famine. The deals are either so plentiful dropping like bikini tops at spring break, or their so few they seem like a skinny chick at a Jenny Craig meeting. Its a wave, people. And right now, we’re in the dessert waiting for a drop of water.

But guess what? There are people out there EVERY day buying deals. Did ya hear me? The deals are out there. Watch my two minute video below  where to find out who’s getting all the deals!


Wanna be like the Donald? Buy yourself a couple mansions, a bunch of buildings, a trophy wife or two….oh wait, you don’t have the money for that? Well here’s how you get the money! Marketing, marketing, marketing! Its all about “the brand” people. From Coke, to Apple, to Trump, to yes, even Dr Dre (love those headphones) – you gotta have a brand. Did you know that creepy “Skeletor” of a thing, Bethenny Frankel sold her little brand for $50MIL. It wasn’t just a Cosmo mix, it was a Skinny Girl Cosmo Mix. Holy crap – if that ain’t marketing, I don’t know what is.

Here’s your 5 CRITICAL steps for marketing success:


The Baltimore Sun is good for one thing in my book….crabs!  Us Marylander’s love our crabs, and when we don’t have brown paper to spread out as a table cloth, we use newspaper.  Thus – the Baltimore Sun’s greatest use.

So as I was eating crabs on the back deck at my in-laws today, I noticed the following article underneath my perfectly seasoned crustacean.

“Overview of Housing Tax Credit” – by Kenneth Harney

If you are rehabbing houses that you will ultimately sell to homeowners, you must read this story.  In a nutshell the federal gov is offering home buyers a $7500 credit from April of 08 – to June 30, 2009.  This credit proves however that there is no free lunch as it must be paid back over 15 years so long as the home buyer remains in the home.

There’s more to this law and I’m no tax guy, but I do know a thing or two about marketing.  I should think this would make a pretty good selling point when marketing your next house for sale.