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I just watched this video with Vanilla Ice featuring the Vanilla Ice Project. Here’s a few words that I thought I would never say, “Vanilla Ice is truly a Craig Fuhr style rehabber.” It was awesome listening to him and just seeing the absolute passion the guy obviously has for rehabbing houses. Can’t say I was ever a huge fan of his music (its just not my bag, Baby), but I am a HUGE fan of what he’s doing with mansions.

I never understood why he seemed to have such demons over his extremely successful past, but to his credit, it looks like he’s come to grips with being a 90’s pop-icon and now he’s charting a course for FLIPPING SUCCESS – just like your’s truly! I’ve coached a lot of people, but to be clear, I; Craig Fuhr had nothing to do with mentoring Vanilla Ice – but if I did, I would tell him to keep doing precisely what he’s doing!

If you’re intersted in seeing more about what Vanilla Ice is doing with his rehabs, his show The Vanilla Ice Project can be found on the DIY Network

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