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I used to ask the following question a lot while talking with newbie investors. Before I get to the question however, you should know that I often asked it during a time in which when money seemed to flow like crap through a goose to any investor who could simply fog a mirror.

The Question: If I could give you a 100% iron-clad guarantee that I will personally find you five deals next year that will make you $40,000 each – would you quit your job today?

Inevitably, the newbies would all answer yes. So what does that tell us? The #1 fear of investors a few years ago was DEALS. They all worried; “Can I find enough deals to satisfy my income goals?” And admittedly, I used to also worry about the same thing. Listen up ’cause I’m only gonna say this once! GREAT DEALS ARE FALLING FROM THE SKY! They are everywhere! I can not keep up with all the CRAZY good deals happening all around me. So what’s the bottle-neck in today’s market?

RE INVESTING TIP: Successful investing comes down to 4 CRITICAL variables:

  1. Education – Do you know enough to truly capitalize on an opportunity
  2. Deals – Are they out there? Do you know how to find them? Are there enough deals to sustain you?
  3. Money – Do you have money to take down the deals? Is it easy to obtain? What will it cost you?
  4. Contracting – Ugh – need I say more?

Listen up again –  Education, Deals, and Contracting…that’s the EASY part!!! Any one can master those three critical variables, but in this market if you don’t have money – YOU ARE OUT OF THE GAME, period! There are very few banks who will lend money on a investment deal – and if they do, they are gonna want a LOT of your skin in the game. And, if you can’t prove that you have experience – forget it! You won’t even get a foot in the door of the few banks that ARE lending

That’s the cold facts, people. The cold hard truth of today’s market. I am on a quest for money and I want you to come me.


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Attention Maryland Wholesalers. I Pay Huge Wholesale Fees!I’m putting the word out. Attention all Maryland Wholesalers!

I have 9 rehab deals currently in my pipeline. We’ll rehab these houses and flip them back to new homeowners by no later than February 2010. That of course means that I need to start feeding the wholesale buying machine in about 15 days.

Real Estate Investing Tip:

One of the big mistakes that most real estate investors make is they fire up the buying machine, find a deal, then turn the machine off.  Most then wait until they’re done the rehab to go looking for another deal. Duh! Dont wait. Don’t turn off the spigot! Keep the deals flowing and you will be a full-timer before you know it.

That ladies and gents is what separates me; a full-time real estate investor from all other part-time wannabes!

If you’re wholesaling houses in Maryland and you don’t call me first, you are making a huge mistake! As a real estate wholesaler you have but one job…


And here’s a little secret – you ONLY need about 5 (or less) real buyers like me.

I know that’s probably contrary to what most wholesalers think, but its true right? I mean listen – in this market ANYONE can find deals. They’re practically falling out of the sky. Deals are plentiful – so that base is covered.

What however is scarce in this market?


So when you find a great deal, who’s gonna buy it, if no one has money and banks aren’t lending? Hell, my bank of the last several years; Slavie Federal Bank hasn’t made an investor loan in over 8 months!

Again, you’ve got a smoking deal, but who is buying? Answer….the guy with the money!  And that guy folks, is ME! I’ve got private money partners who are dying for me to take down 3 deals per month.

So when you find a deal that fits my criteria, just go to my homepage at and simply enter all the info in the form located on the right column. I couldn’t make it any easier for you.

I paid out over $15,000 in wholesale fees in November / December 2009. I want to pay you next!