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Saying debt can be a good thing is like saying you have “good” cancer, or at least it seems.

You’re probably painfully aware of what bad debt is, but it’s not often you hear about “good” debt, probably because people avoid the word like the names of STDs, afraid if they say it, they’ll get it. As a devotee’ of my dear friend and Mentor; Steve Cook, I became a debt vigilante a few years ago. Believe it or not, I decided not to use any of my own money for deals. The results: well they speak for themselves don’t they? Investing with no debt can be done. You just have to ask yourself (especially if you’re a newbie real estate investor) how much of the deal are you willing to give up for NOT having to put up any of your own ching.

Personally, my wife and I have erased a ton of debt in just a couple years. Nothing (well with the exception of one or two things) feels more amazing.

Ever heard of leveraged debt, debt used to your advantage to make money? Some consider positive cash flow earned from leveraged debt, “good debt”. The Gurus love to talk about “good debt.” These are the same people cursed with Star Jones syndrome who say they are comfortable being grotesquely “big boned” (then they drop 367 lbs.), and these are the same people who tell you to go out and buy rentals using more-and-more debt that you damn well know you couldn’t possibly pay off if you got even one vacancy. You gotta ask yourself – would you rather be ridin’ high debt free or rollin’ in the dough with debt up to your silver dollar areolas? I believe it was the great prophet P-Diddy who said, “mo’ money, mo’ problems”…do you agree?


Wanna be like the Donald? Buy yourself a couple mansions, a bunch of buildings, a trophy wife or two….oh wait, you don’t have the money for that? Well here’s how you get the money! Marketing, marketing, marketing! Its all about “the brand” people. From Coke, to Apple, to Trump, to yes, even Dr Dre (love those headphones) – you gotta have a brand. Did you know that creepy “Skeletor” of a thing, Bethenny Frankel sold her little brand for $50MIL. It wasn’t just a Cosmo mix, it was a Skinny Girl Cosmo Mix. Holy crap – if that ain’t marketing, I don’t know what is.

Here’s your 5 CRITICAL steps for marketing success:


Its been a while since my last post. I always feel like when I haven’t posted in a while, the blog becomes a confessional of sorts. Fact is, I LOVE WRITING THIS BLOG, but I just don’t make the time all the time to do it. My slacker-ness is about to change. You’ll see. This little blog of mine is about to blow up! So, rather than me getting into why I haven’t written in a while – let’s just move forward.

Now I’ve got a HUGE request for you.

I’ve achieved a lot. There are still more hills for me to climb, but I’ve successfully scaled many mountains and I sincerely want to help you do the same. I want to hear form you. Tell me (in a comment below):

1. What’s holding you back? Is it your head, a lack of deals, a lack of money, a lack of knowledge. Get honest and tell me the truth!
2. Tell me what your current niche is. Are you a short saler, wholesaler, rehabber, landlord, lease option’er…..WHAT do you do best?
3. Tell me what your average deal NET’s you. What is your average NET profit. Don’t be shy.

Just answer the questions above, and over the next few months I’ll write blog posts that speak directly to your replies. I wanna see my readers kick some serious ass in 2012. The new year is coming. I can help you. I know you can CRUSH IT – but you first have to comment below.

Where the hell are the deals?

Is it me, or has there been a real dearth (look it up, people) of deals lately? Let’s start a discussion. My take, the banks and the Gov are really holding back right now, and for the everlasting life in me, I can not figure out why they would do so.

Why do you think?

I know there are still deals out there, but they’re not falling out of the trees like ripe fruit (you know, the crappy ripe that us investors like so much) like they were just a few months ago.

Here’s a 2-minute video with my take on the current Skitch-uation…

BTW – if you want to know how I’m still finding all the deals I need. If you want to know why the REO agents absolutely love my offers – and how I just keep knocken’ ‘em down, you’ve got to come out to our INFO JAM “State of the Market” event on July 29th and 30th. Plus, you’ll hear more about my TV show and how you can be a part of it.


Webinars – they seem to be all the rage, huh? I’ve never done one, but I’m pretty psyched for this one tomorrow night!

Are thinking about getting into RE investing, or perhaps you’re flipping houses now and you feel like you could be doing so much better. Maybe you think the market is dead and you can’t make money flipping. Maybe, you’re scared – or you have no money.

My dear friend – with all due respect – its time to get off your ass, put down the remote to the TV, and invest in you. This webinar is gonna blow your mind. If the ONLY question answered is “Can I make a TON OF MONEY in this current market,” – wouldn’t that be worth the time you spent on the webinar? If I can prove that to you – shouldn’t you be on this call?

Register now! Click anywhere on the image below, and you’ll be taken to the sign-up page.

[REGISTER HERE. TUESDAY JULY 5TH, 2011 @ 8pm Eastern.]

Seriously, if you’re getting all your news from the nightly news, this Webinar will be an eye-opener for you.

SUCCESS – what is it? If you can’t answer this question with great clarity, trust me, you’ll never get there.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be doing a series of blog posts on Success. I’m fascinated with Success. Success is profoundly personal. Success is like a dialect within a language in that – my personal definition of Success may not only sound vastly different than yours, but perhaps even like a totally different language to others.

Success is personal and very emotional.

But no matter your definition of it, no matter how you slice it – there is a pathway to Success that can be clearly and logically defined. And believe it or not, we all have Success in us. We can all get there. The first step – the VERY first step – is disclosed in the video below. I’m gonna be perfectly honest here… I have not yet reached what I’ve defined as Success for me. And, up until very recently, I doubted my ability to get there.

Until 2010, Success completely completely illusive to me. Then – I unlocked what was holding me back…


As you all know by now, I’m pretty obsessed with design and layout. I just can not stress the importance of a modern functional layout. Simply put, I believe all my homes sell faster and for more money because I take old houses and make them REALLY shine by giving them modern and open layouts that function exactly the way consumers want houses of today to work.

With bigger kitchens, eat-at bars, master bedrooms with private baths, big closets, family rooms equipped with wiring for media – today’s homebuyer expects these types of amenities even when they are buying houses built 100 years ago.

As I’ve said before, making such vast design changes takes great vision and knowhow. Many of you asked, how I do my drawings? Quite honestly, I don’t do drawings except for my kitchens. In almost every case, kitchens must be professionally designed so that you don’t end up with a room that won’t easily accomodate standard cabinet sizes. In all other cases, my homes come to life from my vision matched with the skill of my contractors.

Last night I came across an online and totally free tool to help you with design and layout. And, even better – you don’t have to be a rocket scientist (is any one actually a rocket scientist anymore) to use it. This thing is easy-peasey.

Its called AutoDesk HomeStyler and again, its free! The link will take you to the Google Chrome store. If you are not using Google Chrome to may be able to go directly to the AutoDesk site to find the tool. I simply added it as an App to Google Chrome and it runs perfectly in my Chrome browser.

Hope you have fun with it! Let me know you thoughts.

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I used to ask the following question a lot while talking with newbie investors. Before I get to the question however, you should know that I often asked it during a time in which when money seemed to flow like crap through a goose to any investor who could simply fog a mirror.

The Question: If I could give you a 100% iron-clad guarantee that I will personally find you five deals next year that will make you $40,000 each – would you quit your job today?

Inevitably, the newbies would all answer yes. So what does that tell us? The #1 fear of investors a few years ago was DEALS. They all worried; “Can I find enough deals to satisfy my income goals?” And admittedly, I used to also worry about the same thing. Listen up ’cause I’m only gonna say this once! GREAT DEALS ARE FALLING FROM THE SKY! They are everywhere! I can not keep up with all the CRAZY good deals happening all around me. So what’s the bottle-neck in today’s market?

RE INVESTING TIP: Successful investing comes down to 4 CRITICAL variables:

  1. Education – Do you know enough to truly capitalize on an opportunity
  2. Deals – Are they out there? Do you know how to find them? Are there enough deals to sustain you?
  3. Money – Do you have money to take down the deals? Is it easy to obtain? What will it cost you?
  4. Contracting – Ugh – need I say more?

Listen up again –  Education, Deals, and Contracting…that’s the EASY part!!! Any one can master those three critical variables, but in this market if you don’t have money – YOU ARE OUT OF THE GAME, period! There are very few banks who will lend money on a investment deal – and if they do, they are gonna want a LOT of your skin in the game. And, if you can’t prove that you have experience – forget it! You won’t even get a foot in the door of the few banks that ARE lending

That’s the cold facts, people. The cold hard truth of today’s market. I am on a quest for money and I want you to come me.


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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get real life practical information from the very best real estate investors in the country. What if you could tap into the collective genius of the VERY BEST short sale tactician, the best whoesaler, rehabber, money guy, etc… How could something like that change your business? What if you could ask them, (pretty much at any given moment), any of the questions that are stopping you from achieving the kind of success you dream of?

I’m gonna drop a little simple truth on ya here. The three greatest barriers to real estate success are:

1. Knowing how to find an endless stream of deals
2. Knowing how to FUND an endless stream of deals
3. Knowing how to turn every one of those deals into cash

If you have all three of those little dilemmas covered, you’re gold. Move on. If not, read on.

I’m begging you, watch this video then TAKE ACTION.

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I received an email  a week or so from Brett Neely; a reporter with National Public Radio (NPR). That was pretty astonishing given the fact that my  political views align more with Rush Limbaugh than with most every reporter on NPR.  Brett said he was doing a story on the housing market and while researching, he came across my little blog here on Al Gore’s world wide web.

After a few minutes of chat, Brett asked if he could come hang with me for a few hours.  Anyone who knows me, also knows that regardless of your political views, I “LOVES” to show off my pretty houses. I of course obliged Mr. Neely. The result of our time toegther was a news report filed for radio and for NPR’s blog. Pretty cool, stuff. I’m all tingly just thinking about it.

As a newbie (several years ago) I always dreamed of being featured in a story by the Baltimore Sun. Well, I haven’t reached that goal yet, but this is pretty close.

For those of you interested in hearing what some Americans think of us RE investors, you MUST go immediately to the blog link below and read some of the reader comments. I was fascinated to see all the venom aimed at little ole’ me. Heck, I’m just out there everyday trying to make a better life for my wife and for my kids – and the readers of NPR’s blog think I’m some fat cat who lights my cigars with hundred dollar bills, all while stepping on the necks of the tired masses.

You gotta read this:  NPR Blog Link

The link to the audio is here