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Well, here it is – the next installment of “home extreme makeover” by Craig Fuhr. And yes, a little ‘ode to AC/DC. Who do you love more, Bon Scott “Highway to Hell, or the other guy who sand on all the rest of AC/DC’s albums?

Truth be told, I’ve been laying low since selling my last two rehabs in December and January. Not gonna lie, sometimes just sitting back and listening as The Lord prepares you fo your next move is a good thing. You can often find great solace and clarity in those times. When you’re running at the speed of light sometimes the world can get you down in a hurry, sometimes you forget all the great and wondrous things about entrepreneurship.

But after the listening and waiting for your next move, after getting all-spiritually centered, you got’s to get back to “makin’ that money.” When my phone rang on this deal, I knew almost instantly that it was a deal I had to have. That was in February. We just closed today… on April 1st. Man – there was some HAIR on this one! The wholesaler got his fee on this deal!


Without further adieu, I give you my latest and soon to be greatest rehab: Rolling Thunder! Stay tuned, its gonna be fun.