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Look, when it comes to big fat butts, no body does it better than Kim Kardashian. Are you kidding me? The chick is talentless, but she gets a few million eyeballs on everything she touches because of her ass? What has this world come to? I have a big ass too, but when it comes to real estate and buying it right, rehabbing it then selling it, at least I have some talent! Thank God, my investing career has thankfully been longer then Kim’s videos or marriages.

You may have recalled my hugely successful blog post a few days ago about all the fools out there buying houses at crazy prices. As those cash rich sheeps set themselves up for the inevitable slaughter, the good Shepard – Mr. Craig G. Fuhr, just set himself up with a sweety-bo-peety of a deal. You gotta stick to your guns people.

See how I did it in the video below.


This data is dryer than a popcorn fart, so I gotta add a little spice. This week, Jennifer Love Hewitt announced, that she has two favorite body parts. I saw it on; “They’ve always served me well,” she said.” Hey, it was ON THE YAHOO HOME PAGE. Its not like I was searching for it. For my women readers who might be offended – think of this as your TMZ moment of this post.

That’s just shameless on my part isn’t it? Gees, I feel like Preston Ely all of the sudden.

And now back to our regularly scheduled real estate. Check the chart below. Uh, can you say opportunity? Does anyone really believe that the crisis is behind us, with the data below? Does anyone really believe that there is an end in sight to the short sales?









Here’s a bunch of factoids that could put you to sleep….just to show you that I’m not just a pretty face. There are brains behind my beauty. Is the market really getting better or is there just so little inventory that it feels like demand is swelling? Well, you be the judge after reading the following report from First American Improving Markets Index

The number of housing markets showing measurable improvement nearly doubled in January with the addition of 40 new metros to the National Association of Home Builders/First American Improving Markets Index (IMI), released January 9, 2012. The IMI now boasts 76 improving markets, up from 41 in December, with 31 states and the District of Columbia represented by at least one entry.

Is your neighborhood or area on the list below?\


Florence, AL
Tuscaloosa, AL
Fayetteville, AR
Denver, CO
Greeley, COB
Bridgeport, CT
New Haven, CT
Cape Coral, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Punta Gorda, FL
Manchester, NH
Cincinnati, OH
Oklahoma City, OK
Tulsa, OK
Corvallis, OR
Erie, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Chattanooga, TN
Clarksville, TN
Nashville, TN
College Station, TX
Dallas, TX
Victoria, TX
Madison, WI
Lafayette, IN
Lake Charles, LA
Worcester, MA
Grand Rapids, MI
Lansing, MI
Monroe, MI
Honolulu, HI
Ames, IA
Des Moines, IA
Dubuque, IA
Elkhart, IN
Indianapolis, IN
Minneapolis, MN
Columbia, MO
Joplin, MO
Fargo, ND

NAHB Chairman Bob Nielsen; a home builder from Reno, Nev. states, “The number of improving housing markets has risen for six consecutive months, and 36 states now have at least one metropolitan area on the list,”

NAHB Chief Economist David Crowe said, “This is a sign that a large cross section of the country is starting to turn the corner as local economic conditions stabilize.”  

Kurt Pfotenhauer (say that 3 times fast) stated, “The fact that there are nearly 100 markets now on the improving list shows that the momentum is building for a housing recovery and that more buyers and sellers are starting to feel confident enough to return to the market.

Seven markets dropped from the NAHB/First American Improving Markets Index in February as they experienced softening house prices. These metros include San Jose, Calif.; Washington, D.C.; Kankakee, Ill.; New Orleans; Worcester, Mass.; Jackson, Miss.; and Sherman, Texas.



And here I give you, the greatest name ever….Armando Montelongo. Rolls right off your tongue like John Smith, right? Anyone who has watched the famed series, Flip This House, knows the rehabbing antics (and massive success) of Armando Montelongo and his helium-voiced wife Veronica.

Where are you going with this one, Craig?

Well, I’ve been plagued lately with a lack of speed from my contractors. I’m a lucky guy in that I truly like my general’s, I really do – but lately, I feel like they’ve been performing slower than usual. So what’s a guy to do? Well, if I was Armando, I would simply roll up in my pimped out Hummer H2, step out in my Farragamo’s – walk up and FIRE THEM! (As an aside, I wear Sketchers and I drive a Sequoia)

Side Note: I was recently interviewed recently for an upcoming season of Flip This House. I didn’t really try so I didn’t make it far into the process, but I discovered that the producers of the show are really looking for drama. My belief: Armando and his wife were essentially whores for the show in that they played up the drama for ratings – and that some of the “situations” were actually pre-planned or scripted.

But handling contractors doesn’t always work like its does in Armando’s world. You’ll go through a ton of assholes and if you’re really lucky, you just might find a couple gems who you genuinely like. I’m takin’ about, guys who you’d invite to dinner with your family. Guys who you’d walk through fire for. I think rehabbers like Montelongo look at contractors as nothing more than, “expendable.” I tend to look at good contractors as business partners who are integral to my success. Now, that doesn’t mean that I would sink if my guys decided to leave me. To the contrary, I would most certainly find a away to stay afloat. That’s what professional, successful rehabbers do.

But let me just say this, right here – right now: As much as I think Montelongo came off as a complete DICK on Flip This House, I REALLY respect Montelongo for what he accomplished in terms of his rehabbing success. If you know his story, he truly came from nothing and earned millions rehabbing houses. And for that, I’ve got to give him serious props.

If you want to know more about Armando, check out his home study courses HERE I am in no way endorsing his products, but rather simply pointing you in the right direction so you can judge them and decide to or not to purchase them for yourself.


Who or What is Stealing Your Freedom?

We have a crisis in this country. Over 13 million people have lost their jobs and many say those jobs won’t be coming back. This is a pure loss of freedom. Does this ring true with you?

From children, we’re taught to get a good job, save some money, do the right thing and work towards retirement. Heck, that was good for my Dad & Mom but not for me. People like you and me believe that we are entitled to freedom and fulfillment now; not in retirement. We believe that we should live our best lives NOW.

You’re probably living it just like I was. You work tirelessly day in-and-day out dreaming of something better, something more, some higher calling than to simply play the part of an employee, and to give away all your precious time and skills only to make your boss richer.

I Know You Deserve Better. I Did.

You probably lie awake at night thinking, “It’s crazy to think that there’s any other way to make a living.” Your friends and family probably affirm that for you as well. “Its too risky,” they say. My Dad thought I was crazy. Now I enjoy quality time with my wife and kids and do what I want, while the dreamers toil away the years in their miserable day jobs.

I teach people that you do not have to be subject to your job. You are not solely “what you do” for a living – but rather are a product of how you decide to live. The greatest risk is living a life that is not fulfilling, rather than taking a risk on a dream.

Was I Meant for This “Mentoring” Thing?

When I got fired from my job the day after my 40th birthday, I spent about 4 hours being uncertain of my future.  Less then 24 hours later I called my Dad, a man who worked the same job for 35 years, and told him that I was going full-time into my dreams! He thought I was pretty crazy.

Then, just a few months later, I was spending every Tuesday and Thursday with my son and my father. One day, as I played on the floor with my son, my Dad looked at me and said, “You’re a great father, Craig. You spend so much time with your son.”

Little did I know my father was already on his short path and final destination with lung cancer. He died just a year later.

When people discover how easy it is to succeed in the real estate investing business, most don’t believe it. I’ve laid out the red-carpet for so many. I’ve given them the exact formula they need for success yet, most of them go right back to their “secure” jobs and don’t change a thing.  Others – have had extreme success. In them, I’ve found my greatest joy

This is why I started my blog: To tell the world about the extreme joy of achieving dreams and helping others to live their best lives. It would be my pleasure to help you do the same.

My Family.

This is it. This picture is what its all about. I’m lucky to do what I love, and what makes it even sweeter is that I get to say when and how I do it. (Oooof – that was some horrible writing.)

I’ve worked as a computer-chip salesman, a bar owner, a mortgage broker, a wine salesman, and just before becoming a full-time real estate investor, I was an IT security-analyst.  With the exception of owning the bar, I hated EVERY one of those jobs.

In April 2007 (the day after my 40th birthday), after being fired (no, not laid off) from my well-paying IT job, I knew I had to follow my entrepreneurial calling.   I knew there was something better than a 3% raise every year. I also knew that my life had to be on my terms. If I wanted to take 4 weeks for vacation instead of two – so be it. A 3 hour lunch instead of 30 minutes – no problem. Sleep in until 10AM? Ha, NOT a chance (see the picture). That little guy says when I roll out of bed. But I’ll tell you what is cool – knowing that I’m home to make him and his sister breakfast EVERY morning.

Since 2007, I’ve flipped over 150 houses, and have sometimes had as many as 10 projects in rehab simultaneously. I’ve made a ton of money, (lost a bit too), and I’ve experienced the unbelievable joy of teaching others how to do the same.

To be clear, I would never advise you, or any of my students to quit your job before having at least some sort a plan and head-start.  The day I got fired was a blessing.  And even though it bruised my ego, I secretly knew that I would be OK.  I knew that the four previous years of part-time real estate investing had prepared me for that moment.  I knew how to find deals and how to evaluate them.  I knew I had the best mentors who cared about my success as much as I did.  I knew I had good, reliable sources of money.  And I knew I had a plan.

What’s your plan? How can I help you get started?