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Well, I’m finally – after all these years – am doing a bootcamp. Many have asked, some have begged and so now that I think I have some killer content – I’m ready to drop it on you. But there’s more…

One night, after guest-speaking at Steve Cavanaugh’s REIA (, me, Steve and Vernon Vaughn were sitting around and chatting, and we came up with a killer idea to do a 2-day no fluff, no hype, no upsell – ALL CONTENT bootcamp. We agreed that if we were going to do an event – if would have to for everyone and it would be affordable. Most important, it would have to REALLY touch and answer the questions that plague success. We also wanted the attendees walking away thinking that they could be experts in at least one very important aspect of real estate investing …. estimating repairs

Did ya get that – affordable, real info and amongst other things – this event will make you a STONE COLD EXPERT at estimating repairs!

So with that, I give you: The REI Success Brainwash

Folks, I’m telling ya right now, this will be THE EVENT of 2011 that you simply can not miss. We only have 43 seats available so don’t delay. If you want to REALLY LEARN from the of the hottest investors in Maryland – AND – you don’t wanna break the bank, you gotta click the link below.

Click here now for all the info:  The REI SUCCESS BRAINWASH!

Are you coming? Tell me below?

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My good buddies JP Moses and Steve Cavanaugh decided to get together to do a impromptu 19 minute jam packed with info phone call on how to buy houses at auction. Now, I’m not talkin’ bout them court house steps auctions. No. These guys are talking about buying houses for pennies on the dollar at those big ballroom auctions.

<<—–  They’re smart!

In 2009, I had three students purchase houses at a single REDC auction and they all NETTED at least $35,000 on their respective deals. My buddy Steve Cavanaugh has purchased several houses through the auctions and he’s done VERY well. This is yet another great arrow in your quiver for finding awesome deals. But you have to know ALL the rules of the road before jumping in.

Wanna know more?  Here the link!

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My good buddy and fellow FlipVIP; Steve Cavanaugh not only runs a great REIA in Southern Maryland, but he also knows a thing or two about rehabbing houses (and he plays a mean guitar). I ran across this great rehabbing tip from Steve on YouTube and I’m gonna post without even asking Steve if its OK, ’cause that’s just how tight we are.

And – even if he said “no”, I still would have done it!

By the way, if you’re looking for a REIA to call home, you really should check out the SOMDREIA


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