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The guys at TWBS ( are at it again with another great video. Did you hear about the latest housing news? Its positive again. And, as much as I’d like to say, I know why – I really don’t know precisely why people are buying. Could be the ultra-low rates, could be that buyers now believe that price have hit rock bottom, heck – maybe its just penned up demand finally breaking loose. Whatever the case positive housing news continues in May 2012.

As an aside, one day, (I’m dreaming here) – I want to be like the guys at TWBS. Love their style, love their delivery, love the production. Do you love video production? Are you a master with Final Cut Pro and After Effects? If so, get in touch with me. Maybe we can make some cool vidoes together. Email me asap if you are interested

For March & April of 2012 news homes sales rose 3.3% and in many markets, prices are rising – something I’ve been reposting for several months now.

Check out this video from Frank and Brian