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I’ve been getting a lot questions lately from astonished people, all asking, “How in the Hell can you do 13 rehabs at one time?” Fact is I solely (and with the help of three general contractors), am in the process of flipping 13 houses right now. To be perfectly honest, 5 are on the market and under contract, and I have yet to start on one of the rehabs – but until you collect that paycheck and the money is in your account, you are in fact rehabbing the house.

So how do I do it? Focus, great contractors and a lot of coffee. Sprinkle in a little luck and some pixie dust – and that’s my formula.  Seriously though, there is a rhythm and flow to every job. There is a process, and like the Ten Commandments, that process is etched in stone and should never change. If you follow the process, and you stagger your buying, you can easily do 13 rehabs at one time.

Here’s the secret: