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Video Tip: How to Fail at Your Passion

Last week I got calls from two investors; one I consider a friend, the other I’m just getting to know. The conversations sparked this real estate investing video tip of the week. In terms of their investing, both were unhappy with their results. I have no idea what their individual goals are, or if they ever created a vision for success. I have no idea how hard they work, but I surmised something REALLY important following the calls.

Have you ever stopped to think that even if you are 100% passionate about what you are doing you can still fail? Oh, trust me, you can. I know, because I almost did fail. Yes, I’m talkin’ from personal experience here, people.

Check out this video and tell me – SERIOUSLY, I want to hear from you. Then ask yourself, is the work you are doing on a daily basis all a big charade? Are you spinning your wheels but not really gaining traction? Or are you truly doing the precise things you need to be doing to succeed. Be truthful with yourself.

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