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Video Tip: How to Have a Foreclosure Party!

Now this is just plain silly. I walked in to a house yesterday, and just had to shoot this video. For all the hype “foreclosure parties” got in the media, I have been in only three houses where the previous owner trashed the place before leaving. Bob Norton and I took some fantastic video of a “foreclosure party” house in Phoenix. Hopefully I’ll get around to cutting that into a video for your viewing pleasure.

By the way – regarding that picture above of the ACORN workers; did you know in addition to believing that pimps should be allowed to use public money to open whore houses, ACORN actually believes there should be no more foreclosures, EVER? Hmmm…who do you think would pay for that little bail-out? Shout it out now, no need to raise hands here. Beuller…..anyone….Beuller?  You guessed it!!!  US….the american taxpayers.

What a friggin’ mess.

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