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We Buy Ugly Houses

We Buy Ugly Houses. You see the signs everywhere, don’t you?  Wanna learn how to make a lot of money using them? Watch and read as Big Daddy preaches on!

Wanna get the Most Bang for Your Buck from Bandit Signs? Here’s How!

The Message: Keep it short and try to make it personal. Instead of We Buy Houses. Why not, “My Daddy Buys Houses,” “Craig Buys Houses,” “Avoid Foreclosure Today,” “Betty Buys Bungalows” … ok, maybe not the last one. Less is better. You want a quick “We Buy…” message, a phone number – and if you’ve got one, a SUPER EASY domain address. I’m talking like, or By the way, you can also buy toll-free and local vanity numbers. I own 888-YES-FAST. You can search here to buy a cool vanity number.

CRAIG’S MILLION DOLLAR TIP: If you have a phone number on your bandit sign, PICK UP THE PHONE IF IT RINGS! For the life of me, I can’t understand why bandit sign people don’t answer the phone. I know for a fact that the guys who answer the phone are getting the deals! People about ready to lose their houses don’t want to leave a message. If they call a number off a sign, they’re ready to talk now!

The Size: Listen up, Size DOES matter. 12″ x 12″ is too small, and I personally think 18″ x 24″ is just too big. You’re asking for trouble with signs this big. My favorite size is; 12″ x 18″

The Color: The most popular color in my town is yellow with black lettering, but I’m here to tell you that blue letters on a white sign are the most readable from a distance. I’ve used both and I really think the blue & white is best.

The Locations: You milage may vary, but The Flip VIPS love, mall entrances and exits, Wal-Mart & Target parking lots, commuter train stations, top of major interstate exit ramps, major traffic intersections. I live close to Baltimore, MD where at last count we have close to 35,000 vacant houses. I used to post my signs directly on the boarded up houses!

The Life Span: Bandit signs have a pretty short life span. The poor little signs come into this world all full of piss & vinegar only to have their life snubbed-out by some angry landscaper or neighborhood do-gooder. So here s little tip for ya, the higher you place them, the longer they’ll stay up. I actually broke down a few years ago and got myself THE SIGN STAPLER. I loved it so much, I bought another for a friend! The SIGN STAPLER is a very cool invention that will extend the life span of your signs by at least 3-4 times. It’s the coolest damn thing ever – and it will save you a TON OF MONEY!

CRAIG’S MILLION DOLLAR TIP: If you really want to extend the life of your bandit signs, you need to order a SIGN STAPLER! This thing will save you a TON of money and it will get your signs seen!

The Quantity: In a word, MORE is better. Don’t skimp. If you’re gonna be a bandit sign guy or gal – go all the way! Seriously, I would test two or three different “messages” by purchasing 250 each. Over the course of a night or two, you and a friend can easily put out a couple hundred signs. Just when you think you’ve totally overdone it – put out 250 more. Its not uncommon for the best sign guys to place 500-1000 signs.

The Vendor: Here’s a quick Google link. Its been so long since I bought signs, I really can’t recommend one supplier over another – so I say cheapest guy (including shipping) wins.

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