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Working on Some BIG Stuff!

Folks. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback lately about the blog, about my comments and about all the cool real estate investing stuff I’m doing. Heck – this past week, I even got the most flattering a humbling email I have ever received, from one of my readers who plans to be in my town – and  he just wants to meet me so he can shake my hand. (You know who are you.) I can not begin to tell you just how humble that makes me feel.

Ya’ see – I was but a fresh faced newbie just seven years ago. Like many of you – I was searching for my investing niche. I had a ton of questions and I was reaching out in a million directions to find that mentor who would show me the way. No joke – even if you are just getting started with RE investing, I can not tell you how close you are to where I stand today.
Think about it. How fast has the last seven years of your life gone?

Why do I tell you this? Over the next several months I plan to make myself more “available.” I plan to write more, email more, talk more – and I even plan to partner in deals with a very select few of you. The details at this point are sparse, and quite frankly, I’m just in the “planning” stage. But when they come to fruition, I think you all will be quite impressed.

I’m riding a sick wave of success right now. With 15 rehabs in my pipeline, 7 houses on the market (soon to be 9)
and a seemingly endless supply of crappy houses and money….things are pretty
darn good. I would venture to say that there are not many rehabbers in the country doing as much as I’m doing right now.

Sure we’ve had some pretty nasty spills over the past 8 months, but I’m bursting at the seams to share all I’ve learned so that YOU can benefit from my mistakes as well as my success.

So stay tuned. I promise you will DIG what I’ve got coming.

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